Saturday, August 10

Summer Cherries

 Circa 2006:  I arrived in Annecy so tired I only spoke broken English, forget about French, after an almost 24 hour travel day.  This day included an 8 hour layover, a cancelled flight, a missed connection, and a missed bus from Geneva.  I was spent and ready for the longest nap of my life.  My new host "mother" Anne rescued me at the train station and led me to my new "home." 

The next morning I awoke, still emotionally and physically exhausted, when Anne offered an exquisite idea.  "Why don't you lie down under the cherry tree and take a little nap."  I can still see the mountains behind their home, their spacious yard, and the shady cherry tree.  I took a 4 hour nap under the cherry tree and awoke to a country meal full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Anne encouraged my frequent naps in her yard and loved watching me eat piles of fruits and vegetables at dinner.  They nicknamed me the disposal.  What can I say?  I LOVED her cooking.  Whenever I eat cherries I remember her little tree and the summer I spent in her home becoming her friend. 

I wish I had kept in better contact with Anne over the years, but somehow in the past 7 years we seem to have lost touch.  I often think of the weekends she spent showing me the French countryside, proudly reciting bits of French history as we drove along in her little "voiture". 

I loved her pride of the most beautiful cows just North of her home.  They had the longest black lashes and were quite pretty if you are into "les vaches".  I enjoyed keeping her company in the kitchen and sipping on local Rose.  We ate ripe local apricots, baskets of her own cherries, and fresh cream.  Everything was local and fresh.  

Lately I have been eating less fresh and more processed.  The other day I realized my whole house is full of junk.  Well, junk food no more.  It's time to eat fresh!  These summer cherries are a start.  They were deliciously crisp and sweet.

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