Monday, August 12

Cooking for a Carnivore

I have mentioned before that my husband is a picky eater.  He really isn't that bad, we just like different things.  Ok, and maybe I am a little picky myself.  I could survive on fruits and veggies, while he could survive on meat and packaged foods.  Total opposites. 

One of my recent goals was to cook for my husband more often.  Heck, cooking at home more in general really.  It has been kind of a fun challenge to find things we both like to eat.  Usually I make something like lasagna and make one pan vegetarian and one pan for a total carnivore.  It's an exciting kitchen I tell ya.

This week I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast.  I got a huge basket of blueberries this week so you will probably be seeing more of these later, but this is day 1.  

They were super good and we both liked them.  Score!  I ate mine with greek yogurt and huckleberry syrup and he had his with eggs and bacon.  5 years ago I may have insisted he try the greek yogurt and berries with his pancakes, today I just make the bacon and eggs and enjoy my own version of breakfast while he enjoys his.  Compromise and acceptance really do make things easier.  

Another day of eating fresh and cooking for my carnivore accomplished.

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