Tuesday, August 6

Sewing for Baby

I have been enjoying sewing for baby for the past year.  I don't see an end in sight and I don't mind at all.  Baby projects are quick, small, and relatively easy so far.  This weekend I made a "first aid kit" bag.

I have been meaning to make one for months now.  It is nice to have somewhere to put all his little "medical" items in.  It is just large enough for his temporal thermometer, baby tylenol, vitamins, tummy ache drops, and his little bulb syringe.  I love it.  It will be great for trips or long car rides, just in case.

I also made some fun pacifier clips for some baby girls.  I have a few friends that are due soon and I am crossing my fingers one of them has a girl.  I am already planning girl sewing projects, so somebody HAS to have a girl. RIGHT?

These are super fun and easy to make.  I have a bunch of them and love them.  If we leave the house, Arlo uses one of these for the car.  Otherwise, bye bye pacifier.  If you are looking for a quick gift to give a new mom, these are perfect.  They use very little fabric, are a super quick sew, and will be totally appreciated.

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