Thursday, July 25

The Barrio Viejo in Tucson

My family came to visit in early July and we went all over Tucson to see the sites.  One of the places we stopped was the Barrio Viejo.  It's a historic neighborhood with beautiful colors, artistic doorways, and lots of personality. 

This would be a great place to do an engagement shoot or even wedding photos.  The eclectic feel of the neighborhood is a great backdrop for any photography lover.

I loved the color of this blue door.  It looks like something you might see in Europe or Mexico.  Get out of the car and walk up and down the tiny streets and alleys to see a wide variety of colors.  Some houses are boarded up, some are decorated with wacky art, and some have been restored to be quite beautiful.

My brother and his girlfriend.  I love the tile at the base of this doorway.  When I finally have a house, I want to have a bold door that adds interest and warmth.  These houses do that and more.

Lately I have an obsession with creamy turquoise colors.  I love the pretty pink flowers, succulents, and tile along the stairs.

Wouldn't this be a great place to take family pictures?  You could go to lunch in South Tucson at one of the fantastic Mexican restaurants and then walk around the Barrio Viejo snapping candid shots while enjoying family time.  Tip: don't plan this in the middle of the Tucson summer.  It's hot!

I love the colors of this old neighborhood.  You won't see these anywhere else in Tucson.

All in blue in front of my favorite blue house.  Baby Arlo is loving his Grandpa.

If you visit Tucson and enjoy photography or fun neighborhoods, check out the Barrio Viejo.

This map shows the area of Tucson that is called the Barrio Viejo.  It's from the Interstate to 6th Ave. and Cushing St. to 18th St.


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