Saturday, July 27

Lightroom 5 Editing and Sedona

I just started using Lightroom 5 and it is amazing.  I have never used anything but Picasa to edit my pictures, and I am hooked!  Here are a few of my favorites I edited from our trip to Sedona last year.
The reason Sedona is so beautiful, the red rocks.

Our pup loved the hikes and cooler weather.

Sedona is all nature, all beauty.  Huge rock walls and thick woods.

We even bought boots to play in the water with our pup, which she loved.

We caught a few amazing sunsets while we were there from a hill in town.


I like this one because it really shows the beauty of Sedona.


These things look so cool in the desert.

Cody really loved this dog.  They were total best friends.
If you live in Tucson or Phoenix and have never been you've got to make the drive.  Only 2 hours from Phoenix and 4 from Tucson.  It makes for a great 4 day weekend.

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