Sunday, July 28

Maternity and Motherhood Week

This week I am featuring all of the things I couldn't have done without through pregnancy, nursing, and the first months of motherhood. 
There are so many things to think about and every website will tell you to buy hundreds of dollars worth of stuff.  You really don't need much, but there are a few things that make life so much easier! 
Here is something simple you can do to help you remember your pregnancy.
I took pictures every few weeks in the same pose and shared them with friends and family with the week number.  I am 25 weeks here.  I didn't bother wearing the same outfit for the photos since nothing fits consistently and it is just a hassle, but some people wear the same top in every shot. 
 After baby was born, I made a book called "From Belly to Birth" with all the belly pictures in it and wrote down what I was craving, if I felt movement, and what I was feeling.  I also included photos from his first sonogram and his birth.  I read it to baby all the time and he will surely love looking at it as he gets older. 
I used an app on my ipad called ScrapPad to make pages like this with the pictures during my pregnancy.  It helped me keep track of all the foods baby was craving, if I could feel him moving, and what week each photo was from.  I included a few of these in the little book I made him too.
Check back tomorrow for a full post on getting through your pregnancy with just a few items in your repertoire.

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