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Maternity Wardrobe Must Haves

When I was pregnant all I wanted was to be comfortable.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a wardrobe I was only going to wear a few months either.  Here are a few of the essentials that I invested in and decided I couldn't live without.  For about $200, you can have everything you need for the next 9 months.  Plus, I can still wear the skirt, yoga pants, bras, and some of the tees.
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#1: I couldn't have made it through the winter without these maternity leggings.  I got them on sale at Kohl's and wore them non-stop.  They look good with long tops and stretchy dresses that are a little shorter with your pregnant belly.  They are super cozy and comfy too.  Expect to spend between $20-$30. 
#2: My mom convinced me to get a pair of yoga pants at Kohl's too and I am so glad I did.  I wore these around the house up until the day I had my baby.  Kohl's has great sales 90% of the time, so I wouldn't buy either of these full price.  I got mine at 40% off both pairs.  Maternity pants are ridiculously expensive, so check on-line and call around before you go shopping.  Expect to spend about $20-$40.
#3: My mother in law got me a few tee shirts from Gap Maternity and they were awesome to have.  I wore them with sweaters in the winter and by themselves when it got warmer.  They are comfortable and make your baby bump look super cute.  These are about $20 each, but you can find them on sale occasionally too.  I would recommend getting 2 or 3 of them since they work from day one up until your due date.
#4: I had a fold over maternity skirt from Old Navy that saved the day too.  I found mine at a thrift store, but you can get them for between 15 and 20 bucks and they come in all different colors.  I had a black one that I could wear with everything and loved it.
#5: I also had a pair of maternity jeans.  I got mine on sale, which I would definitely recommend as they can cost up to $60!  You can get a pair at Motherhood Maternity for around $40.  If you are bigger in the summer, I would pick up a pair of shorts from them too.  They have great sales year round and their styles are a little cuter than other places.  Kohl's has jeans and shorts too in a more "motherly" style.
#6:  One thing I was surprised to find was it was so hard to find a comfy bra.  I invested in a few nursing bras that I could wear to work, to sleep in, and then wear after baby was born too.  Don't go crazy as your bra size changes during your pregnancy, after birth, and then again while you are nursing.   These ones were my favorite, super comfortable and they stretch to accommodate your changing body.  They aren't pretty, but they work great, plus they are only $20.  Motherhood has nursing sales all the time too, buy 3 get one free.  So if you find something you like, buy one and try it, then you can take advantage of one of their sales and get one free.  It usually includes their tops too, which is nice.
My favorite maternity stores:
Old Navy (on-line)
Gap (on-line)
Kohl's (in store or on-line)
Motherhood Maternity (in store or on-line)
Local Thrift Stores: Usually there isn't much, but it's worth a shot.
Target (in store or on-line) for the occasional tank top or t-shirt
These shops had consistent sales, quality products, and had a pretty good variety of clothing.
I also got the most out of the clothes I had by wearing my pants with a hair tie around the button closure and wearing billowy tops and stretchy dresses.  I still "fit" most of my clothes until about month 5 or 6.  After that it was pretty impossible to wear anything I could have worn pre-pregnancy.
Good luck stocking your wardrobe and remember to accentuate your bump!  I felt huge most of the time and the tight tops showed off my bump and made me feel pregnant instead of fat.  I loved looking down and seeing my growing belly.

Check back tomorrow for tips on what to bring to the hospital.

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