Monday, September 13

Hana Relay 2010

We did IT!  Team Nacho Business finished the Hana Relay 2010 in 7 hours and 41 minutes.  We ran a total of 52 miles and kicked butt!  Everyone ran 3 legs a piece, no cheating, and we all finished our own run.  It was fantastic.  When I say we didn't cheat, I mean we saw other teams cheating and said HEY NO FAIR! We aren't cheaters, they can't cheat!  :)  Come on Rainbow Bright Team, run your own legs to the end...

We had amazing luchador masks that Melissa found in San Diego and then we all made our costumes from there.  We had 2 drivers, 6 runners, and a microphone.  That's right, a microphone.  You can't have a race with no announcer! 

We started at 5:30 am when it was still dark!  If you have never ran this race, you should!  I don't even run and I loved it...  We came in 103rd out of 157 teams.  Not bad!  (49th out of 73 in the mixed division)  There were some great runners out there.  Mostly though, people came to have fun!  So even if you have to walk it, you'll have an amazing time viewing Maui on foot.

To see the race results click HERE.

Imagine running next to this.... (amazing)

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