Friday, September 10

Getting Ready for Hana Relay 2010!

This weekend, September 11th, is the Hana Relay on Maui.  In case you haven't heard of it before, it is a 52 mile run along the Hana Highway.  Teams are made up of 6 people and each person runs 3 legs each.  A good old fashioned relay!  More than that, it is full of fun costumes and spirit.  Read more about it HERE -> They also have a facebook page, ->

My teams costume if lucha libre, or mexican wrestler costumes.  I have a cape and a headband, AND a mask!  One of our teammates found really cool fighter masks...  So, I will be away this weekend on an awesome journey, but will return Sunday with lots of great pictures and fun stories.

Enjoy the weekend, and think about me trudging along the highway in Hana looking at the most beautiful coastline most people will ever see!

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