Tuesday, September 7

Sneak Peek: Working as a Pastry Cook

I work as an assistant pastry cook at a small luxury resort in Hawaii.  I love my job and I love what we make and do every day.  Of course there are down sides, and things you don't like to do, just like every other job.  BUT, overall, I enjoy work and look forward to the start of each day.  One of my favorite things to do is set up for buffets.  We have 3 buffets every weekend, so I do that the majority of my time at work.  We get to plan our own menus, plate and decorate as we like, and arrange the items on the buffet until they are just so.  It is one of the more creative parts of the week because we have a lot of freedom to design and create.  Here is a sneak peek into the kitchen and the buffet line before anyone else sees it.

Chocolate mousse cake domes, lemon curd tarts, apple strudel, tapioca, macaroons, coconut macaroons, cream puffs, cantaloupe mousse cake, pave, and pineapple upside down cake.  The list goes on and on.  Here is the buffet for Sunday Brunch in our signature restaurant.

Sweet treats presented after dinner to each table, compliments of the pastry team.

There's something about cupcakes...  They always get me, I CAN'T resist.

Mini cheesecakes with a caramel topping.

A very popular cake design, kind of our generic cake order.  This one is by me, you can tell because it is far from perfect.  I am still learning the art of cake decorating and developing the patience needed for the job.

There it is, a secret sneak peek into the kitchen of a pastry shop.  I love to eat and create sweets, somehow I have found the perfect profession...

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