Wednesday, September 15

Maui and the Beach, Big Beach

Maybe you read my posts on the Hana Relay in Maui last weekend... well that isn't all we did on Maui.  We had some really good food, lots of good beer and took a trip to Big Beach.  Past Big Beach is Little Beach, and then an area of rocks where we jumped in a cooled off.  It was beautiful.  Oh, and if you like nude beaches, Little Beach is for you.  You can hang out with nude surfers, body boarders, and hackie sackers.  (Or you can walk on by to the jumping hole...)

Here is Big Beach, hence the name, it is HUGE.

Little Beach, don't look to hard, you might see a bare bum!

See the little rock right in front?  That was our spot.

Going in for the plunge!

Getting out is always an adventure...

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