Friday, April 30


Meet Fiona.  Beautiful, full of life, and a little bit of a hippie.  Turn on the music and watch her dance, she will out dance pretty much anybody as it is her favorite thing to do.  She wears a green headband with a Japanese Sakura flower and has an owl tag (a softie tatoo).  She definitely has a style all her own.  Her front pocket is where she keeps all her notes and ideas for new songs, Fiona loves to write.  Her weaknesses are Swedish Fish, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Watermelon.  Her soft belly and face are perfect for snuggling up, Fiona won't mind.  She is kind of a cuddle bug.  Don't be shy, she certainly isn't.

Hi!  Want do dance? 

Are you staring at my owl tatoo?  Let me tell you that story...

Time for bed.  See you tomorrow?  I am off to dream of Chocolate Chip Cookies...

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