Wednesday, April 28

Day off # 2 (of 3...)

Productive and seriously creative day off #2 makes me wonder what tomorrow will bring...  I made a new softie which I have yet to name.  I will decide tonight on a name and story because you just can't bring a softie into the world without one! 

For now I will share my t-shirt upcycled bag!  I used 4 different t-shirts to create this super functional bag.  The straps are fully adjustable, there is an inside pocket that is divided into 2 parts, and the front logo is also a pocket.  I really like it and can't wait to keep digging in my closet for cool shirts that I never wear anymore/just don't fit/are from 10 years ago...

The front logo design is from a Guess Jeans shirt that I got at least 5 years ago... I really liked it but it was always just a bit too small.

The body of the bag is made up of a gray shirt and a black shirt that I used to wear when I worked at "the factory."  Good riddance and a new life to them!

The straps are made from a bright super soft Banana Republic Tee that was too big for me.  They are my favorite part.  Adjustable and easy to wear.

I can't wait to sew tomorrow!

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