Tuesday, November 3

Mana Bu's!

I went to the one and only musubi favorite in Hawaii, Mana Bu's this week.   They open at 9:30 and close when they sell out.  They are a traditional place with non-traditional innovative flavors and salads.  Such as the curry rice pilaf musubi, 10 grain baked salmon musubi, and the Hawaii favorite spam musubi. 

I got there around 10:30 and was surprised to see the store without a line out the door.  The racks were full and the service friendly as always.  Pick up a basket at the door and fill it with okinawan potato salad, strawberry mochi, and musubis.  I got the curry potato salad, okinawan potato salad with mac nuts and edamame, and the curry rice pilaf musubi.  YUM!

Go early and try to find parking in their tiny lot if you can.  They usually sell out around 1:30, so plan ahead.  They have extended their hours though and seem to be less crowded than usual with the extra hours and days.  They are closed Sundays, where they used to be closed Monday and Tuesday as well. 

Check out their website at http://www.hawaiimusubi.com/ for information on their hours, menu, and ingredients.  They pride themselves in making everything by hand and with fresh local ingredients.They have 30 different kinds of musubi and you can pre-order for your next party or get together!

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