Wednesday, November 4

Cool Knitting Blog

I found this really cute knitting blog and this link to a free arm band pattern at Keep on Knitting In The Free Worlds blog. Do I smell Christmas present??  These would be great for a little added touch on top of a wrapped present.  I love that you can make them for guys or girls!  Check out the blog from the link above.  There are tons of other free patterns and super cute project ideas. 
She also has an etsy shop at :::

Here is a little tidbit about "Keep on Knitting in the Free World" :: "When I’m not designing, I’m dreaming about designing. I’m also knitting, spinning, dying fiber, writing, doodling, walking, doing crossword puzzles, drinking tea, eating chocolate, stretching, contemplating the cruelty of existence, and exploring the great Pacific Northwest."
 She also sells great patterns for knit items and offers free tutorials.  Here is one of my favorites:

You gotta love a fellow knitter, etsy-an, crafter, and mitt lover!  My latest obsession has been fingerless mitts, mittens, and arm bands.  You are bound to see some of these as Christmas presents this year!

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