Monday, November 2

Berrysprite's etsy shop

I stumbled upon this super cute local shop when looking through the "shop local" section on etsy. I always browse the local shops to support and promote local artists. Anyways, I fell in love with the little creatures in the shop and started reading her blog. There are even more cute items on her blog, and information about a giveaway from November 1st-8th.

Here is a little bit about the shop/site::
I found this information on her blog--
"amigurumi+ more, huzzah! Berrysprite is for people who love smiling faces and bright colors; we specialize in unique, handmade kawaii items; from amigurumi to pouches and buttons!Aloha! My name is Holly and I am the girl behind berrysprite; I do everything! From designing, crocheting and sewing, to photographing, packaging and shipping orders, I'm the one who makes sure every creation is treated with love. Let me tell you a bit about berrysprite (and then a bit about myself!): I started berrysprite on etsy in 2006 as a hobby, but I have since become addicted to making cute things of all shapes, sizes and types! I also love being able to send happiness in a package to people all around the world; making friends through berrysprite is what helps me to keep creating and smiling! I've also found that in 3+ years of berrysprite I've learned a great deal about making amigurumi and crafting/selling in general, and I love helping others."

There is a lot more info and tons more cute/kawaii things on her site and shop so check it out!

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