Wednesday, October 28


I know yogurt is Hawaii's new craze, and that on the mainland yogurt has been there done that.  But I LOVE it!  We have a couple different places.  My favorites are Yogurt Mama in Kailua and Yogurtland in Manoa.  THE BEST!  The toppings are fresh, the flavors are stellar, and the spoon.  I took these pics today at Yogurtland with my phone camera so they aren't the best quality, but they are giving away super cute tokidoki spoons with every yogurt. They are biodegradable and resusable.  Super cute!  I got the blue one and the white one today.  I can't wait until November 23rd when they release the next 2 colors/characters.  Check out their website at : for new flavors, locations, and information.  If you live on the other side in Kailua, check out Yogurt Mama.  Here is their website/location.

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