Friday, December 23

Construction Themed Birthday

We threw Arlo a construction themed birthday party when he turned 2 and I just realized I never shared the pictures!  It was such a fun party and he really loved all the trucks and construction themed things.  

I hung up construction signs through the house and a little board that summarized Arlo's favorite things.  We had just taken pictures for his birthday so it worked out great to print a few and hang them up as well.

Here is a spread of the food and main decorations.  I found a truck table cloth that I knew Arlo would love to tie it all together.  I made the signs with big stickers that I got on amazon and mounted them onto yellow and black paper to look like traffic/construction signs.  I also got CAUTION tape and made a few decorations with that as well.

I bought little construction toys for the cake decorations.  My son was really excited about these and wanted them the moment he saw them on the cake.

I made a chocolate cake and topped it with crushed chocolate cake to look like dirt.  The little cupcakes were piped with a "grass" tip to look like landscaping around the site.

I made half of the little cupcake toppers with stickers and I wrote on the other half.

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