Thursday, February 20

Life in the Rockies

Mid December we moved from wicked hot Tucson to the beautiful Colorado Rockies.  Life has been a bit of a whirlwind the past few months.  We are finally getting into a routine and feeling like we live here.  Here is a little recap of our past few months in our new city.

We visited the Botanic Gardens over the holidays.

Celebrated our babe's 1st Christmas.

Went to a Mammoth Lacrosse game.

We have seen lots of snow!

Experimented with baking at high altitudes...

Drove two full 7 hour days from Tucson to Denver with THIS guy.

Found a few new favorite dishes to cook at home (recipes to come!)

Went to the crazy Casa Bonita.

And learned how to bundle up! Looking forward to discovering more fun things to do in our new city in the mountains.

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