Thursday, September 15

Tucson Road Trips

Road trips have been a topic of dreams for the past 9 years of my life.  Living in Hawaii, we would "road trip" to the North Shore, or to Ka'ena Point.  We could never go for hours and end up in entirely different parts of the Nation.  I missed that, and I have been taking advantage of the road trip possibilities since I arrived back on the mainland. 

Road trip #1 was our trip to Ikea in Phoenix.  We had a very long day in Ikea, followed by a nice hour and a half drive back to Tucson.  

Road trip #2 was our trip to Tombstone, about an hour and a half South of Tucson. It was a trip back in time to the Old West. 

 Road trip #3 was our trip to Mt. Lemmon outside of Tucson.  It also takes about an hour and a half to get to, and it was amazing.  It feels like you are in the mountains of Colorado, complete with a ski resort at the top of the mountain.

I can't wait to see what other road trips we tackle!  Everything is within driving distance.  So freaking exciting.

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