Sunday, January 16

Mauli Ola Foundation

As many of you know my boyfriend has cystic fibrosis and sometimes I talk about it on my blog.  Ways you can help, volunteer, donate, etc.  Last year when I participated in the cystic fibrosis walk in Waikiki, I noticed a few people wearing surf CF shirts and was curious.  Today I remembered somehow about these shirts and thus discovered Mauli Ola.  What is Mauli Ola?  Mauli Ola Foundation works to introduce surfing as a natural treatment for  people with genetic diseases, such as CF.

How can surfing help cystic fibrosis?  You can read all about it here, but basically, the salt water helps to clean out their system and help them breathe better.  Being in the water is also spiritually reviving, (but there are actual medical benefits as well.)

This video talks about their "Surf Experience" days, where surfers take people out in the water that have cystic fibrosis and get them surfing.  Watch it, it is a really great video that gives you a better idea of what Mauli Ola is all about, and who is involved.

To donate, click here.

This foundation is amazing and gives such a great chance to so many people that have cystic fibrosis to get in the water and ride their very own "wave of the day." What is not to love about it?  Thank you Mauli Ola and keep up the good work.  :)  Please consider donating to help their cause!

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