Tuesday, November 16

Soulpancake and a few of life's big questions

Ever heard of soulpancake?  It is a site that asks/discusses life's biggest questions. You know, the kind you can't get out of your head, let alone answer, without thinking them over for days.  Well, Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight on the Office) just put out a book with all of them in it.  (And loads of other cool stuff)  My boyfriend got it in the mail today and I spent the evening reading through it.  Then I realized there was a website!  Too cool.  I found this question and thought it was a good one.  

So, in response to the question, list 3 things you didn't realize were on your bucket list until after you did them... I say this:

1. Ride in a helicopter
2. Travel all over France alone and discover the country and myself 
3. Run the road to Hana

What is your answer to this question??  Makes you think about your life and the things you really loved doing, huh?

Think you might enjoy digging through your brain?  Get it here.  

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