Saturday, November 14

Gnome obsessed??

(Numbered 1-8 from top left to right, then bottom left to right.)
First off, I don't think it is bad to have obsessions.  Second, doesn't everyone love gnomes and all things gnome-y?  Like the forest friend stamps-#7- from (a local Hawaii artist!), or the little mushroom and forest trees-#8- from  I love love love the stamps-#5- from, and she just happens to have a little gnome stamp too!  My favorite stamps are the cupcakes and cute birdies, but that is a whole-nother post!  If you like something a little more practical and totally normal, how about a tea towel!  Check out the gnome tea towels-#3- at  Super easy to slip the gnome in without getting to yard art crazy!  I am loving the little felt items-#2- at, and check out her stuffed felt birds.  So cute, so much fun!  If you are all about showing off your gnome obsession, you will love the felt mushroom-#6- from, and the gnome scrabble tile pendant-#1 from  These are just a few of the many gnome-y items that I love on etsy.  These sellers don't sell only gnomes though, they all have tons of other really cool, normal, practical items that even non-gnomers can appreciate!  For a little touch of whimsy-#4- in the house, check out for dazzling artwork.  I love to shop etsy and support handmade, and look how easy they make it with such perfect items and gifts??

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