Saturday, November 14

Craft Fair Success

I participated in the Hickam Craft Fair today, and it was a lovely success.  I got a lot of business cards out there, made some sales, and talked with a lot of other vendors.  Besides the one rain shower that we had to sit through, I'd say it was a pretty good day.  Here is a picture of my booth set up, some stuff had already been sold, but I wanted to get a picture before it got torn apart!

We were located by the parking lot in the back, and kind of in the middle of everything, so I think that helped a little.  Overall, I am happy with the show.  :)  For those of you that were there, I will be posting tons of new stuff soon, so keep checking my etsy shop. 

If you were at the show and decided you really liked something that you didn't purchase, you can enter HICKAM at checkout for free shipping in Hawaii.  When you pay for your item, I will refund your shipping cost.  Happy Holidays and good luck shopping!

Here are some of the items that were sold at the craft fair.  Keep checking my shop for new items, although everything is one of a kind, sometimes I make similar items or styles, and often use the same stones.

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