Sunday, November 8

Diamond Head craft fair!

Wow, this morning I went to the Diamond Head craft fair along with 80 million other people!  It was crazy.  Tons tons tons of sellers and I was really impressed with the number of shoppers.  There were lots of great things to look at and buy.  I only got a few things because I know I will shop at the Hickam Craft fair next weekend...  But here is what I picked up::::  I got this quilt for $25 from "The Blanket Lady."  It is made with all vintage fabrics and is bright and fabulous!  Apparently the woman who makes these is 89 years old and just quilts to keep busy.  She quilts all year and then her family sells them at the craft fair.  How cool is that?  They told me they would be at the Mililani Craft Fair too, I think.... There were so many crafters!  But I guess there is a craft fair at Mililani High School next weekend too.  I also really liked Paint the Town Hawaii's stuff.  They had super cool key holders/jewlery holders.  Their website is  You have to check it out because I am so bad at describing!  They have tons of hand painted designs like turtles, flowers, the mountains.  All Hawaii and beautiful.  There is a picture of one of their items just below::

I also got some little mushroom yard art to put in my cactus garden that is still semi-alive... I think it will inspire me to water them and care for them.  I love mushrooms and gnomes and well... yard art.  Ouch, I said it.  :)  They sell at the Kapiolani Craft Fair every 3rd weekend and will be there on the 21st, so check em out!  I will try to post a pic, but you can't miss em.  Clay mushrooms, turtles, frogs, starfish-all for the yard n garden!

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