Saturday, November 7

Check out these handmade stamps at  I was browsing through handmade stamps today as they are a new obsession... and I found these.  They are super cute and offer tons of designs.  From weddings monograms, to website stamps, thank you's, and handmade by...  I loved the little knitting one because I think it is so great when you get a great handmade item with a fantastic label to keep and remember it by.  They have almost 300 stamps for sale to choose from, and tons of custom work.  I really like the little ones, but they do large ones as well.  Pretty much anything you can imagine, they've got it. 

Here is the etsy welcome on their site::     "Welcome to modernartstamps!  You will find here unique designer art stamps 100% original, UNMOUNTED and trimmed. Take a coffee and some cookies while you browse more of 260 ORIGINAL designs! You don't want to loose any of it!...CHRISTMAS SEASON HAS BEGUN ON MODERNARTSTAMPS!!!  What is more beautiful for a gift than a personalized gift?? Due for traffic on holidays we are now offering christmas orders. Orders might take 3-4 weeks to arrive, so BUY IN TIME your gifts. Last day to purchase and have stamps in time for christmas is November 12." 

Did you read that? You better get shopping if you want your stamps to arrive in time for Christmas!  I love personalized gifts, they show you really care and picked something just for them!  Think housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, stocking stuffers for the kids, or a thank you stamp for all those thank you's you'll bound to be sending this season.

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  1. hey, thanks so much for the lovely post! I will offer free shipping for any unmounted stamps for all your readers!! Just send at checkout the code "hawaii". Good until 11/30



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