Tuesday, December 13

My favorite Usborne Books

I joined Usborne Books & More a month ago and my kids are already in love with so many of their books.  (Me too.) 

If you love pop up books, this book is INSANE.  The pop ups literally come off the ENTIRE page.

Arlo first heard this book at the Air and Space museum and now he lights up anytime we read it.  We got the collection of phonics readers instead of just the single book and I am so glad.  All the stories are just as silly and catch his attention.

I actually ordered this for myself but... he loves it too!  I actually think it is one of our only fairytale books!  The flaps and peek inside pages are super fun and engaging for little hands.

The weather is a constant source of conversation.  I got this book to incorporate into our homeschool lessons but I ended up pulling it out sooner to talk about snowflakes. Then later, we pulled it out to talk about lightning.  It's a great resource!

This is MY favorite.  I got it for a gift, but wish I had kept it!  So many fun cards that you can draw on and all of them are animal themed.

Nibbles is a silly picture book about a book monster!  Gets the kids giggling and grinning which is MY favorite.

This is the book Arlo brings to me to read the most.  His favorite page is the page that talks about digestion.  "It goes in my mouth, down my food pipe, into my tummy, through my intestines, then out as poop." You're welcome.

Both my boys love this one!  The bright pictures and silly alliteration catch the attention of my 10 month old and 3 1/2 year old.  We just got a jobs version that I can't wait to give them for Christmas too.

These are our CURRENT favorites.  We have really enjoyed discovering these books!  I earned the cost of my kit back in my first 30 days too so basically I got $100 in free books just for signing up.  Send me a message if you are interested in learning more.  It's a great way to earn a little extra money for your family and even just get a great discount on the books.

Host a party to get free books for your family!

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