Wednesday, September 25

Baby Play Date and Cupcakes

Before the baby was born, we took a class on birth and babies.  We met a few other couples in the class that were all having boys, the biggest gap between babies being a month.  Last weekend we all got together to have a baby play date.  FUN!

Here is a shot of all the babies lined up on the couch.  The one on the far left is 4 months, the next one is 5 months, our babe is 4 months 2 weeks, and the one on the far right is 4 months 3 weeks.  They are all pretty big kids.  Loving this shot of the four of them.

It was fun to see them all checking each other out.  Plus it made me feel a little better about the constant drool and shoving things in his mouth.  Totally normal.

I made some cupcakes for the occasion.  The frosting was a last minute choice of colors.  For some reason I was digging lime green.  Huh.  Probably could have gone with something a little more appetizing, but when you have a baby yelling for you to hurry up, this is what you get.  They were vanilla cupcakes filled with a coconut pineapple cream cheese filling and topped with cream cheese icing and coconut flakes. 

It was a good day for babies and food.  Fun fun fun.

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