Saturday, August 31

Sewing Thank You Gifts

This Summer my mom came to visit for a month to help with our new little man.  We had a great time and it was so nice to have "Grandma" around.  We went fabric shopping, hung out around the house, took the babe swimming, and enjoyed each other's company.  My parents live in Hawaii, so it is kind of a trek to go visit now that we moved away.

To thank her for the countless hours she spent holding and playing with the little man, I made her a few hand sewn goodies.  She sews too, but I know she is super busy with work and it is always nice to get something sewn by someone else.

I made her this pouch to hold her jewelry/receipts/money in while she works out/shops/swims.  :)  It really is a versatile little pouch.  I hope she puts it to good use and wears it out!

I also made her a turtle mug rug.  The turtle is from a really pretty fabric that we both fell in love with at SAS Fabrics, but she let me have it.  Thank you mom.  You rock.  I love it and have big plans for little embellishments on tons of items.  It will go a long way.

Last but not least, I made her a wet bag.  She can use it after her morning swims to hold her suit or her shampoo bottles so the rest of her bag doesn't get wet.  Or she can use it when she travels for her toiletries.  Like I said, these items are versatile.  :)  This pouch is lined in the same oil cloth as the bottom portion and is great for keeping anything wet or items that could leak.

I hope she enjoys these little goodies, we sure enjoyed having her here!


  1. Thanks so much Kate, I loved all of the handsewn goodies. The mug rug is on my desk at school and it brightens my teacher area!
    I just can't wait to spend more time with Mr. Perfect in a few months. Hope we have a little time to stitch again, I am getting my sewing mojo back... It was seriously lacking while I was visiting you. I think I was distracted by my favorite baby boy!

    1. so glad you liked it! can't wait to sew more at Thanksgiving...


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