Tuesday, August 21

German Short Haired Pointer Puppy

Well.  I have been busy.  Super busy.  Not doing the usual crafting, sewing, napping, tv watching.  Nope, I have been puppy playing, feeding, walking, and training.  Last month, we got a German Short Haired Pointer puppy.  Her name is Maddie and she is WILD.

Here she is doing MY favorite thing : sleeping.  She is getting to the point where we let her cuddle on the couch, but ONLY if she is good.  If she bites or gets crazy, down on the ground she goes. 

She loves to lick.  Did you just eat a snack?  Feed me a treat?  Get over here and let me lick your hands/legs/arms.  She eats EVERYTHING and anything.

When we got her, her eye was all red and swollen.  An older dog nipped at her (wonder why...) and popped her eye out of the socket.  She lost her vision and it was pretty infected when we got her home.  She is doing good now though, you can only really tell when you look close.  Only one beautiful brown eye.

Whoa, what a sniffer.  She love to sniff.  Let her pull on the leash for one second and she has her nose to the ground sniffing.  Sniffing what?  I have no idea...

She is getting super tall.  Gained 2 pounds this week.  Loves dinner time.  Walk time. Play time.  We are having bundles of fun and lots of frustrations.  :)


  1. We think your puppy is big, black and cute! From your mom's second grade class!

  2. Hi I was wondering if you got this puppy in Hawaii? We are looking for a GSP breeder. Any info that could help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  3. Beautiful puppy! I live on Oahu and would like to find a breeder for a GSP as well.
    Any info would be great.

    1. Hi! Louie-
      Unfortunately we didn't get her in Hawaii. They are great dogs though. Super energetic and playful. Great fit for runners, hikers, and anyone with lots of land. :) She never gets tired. Good luck!

  4. Did any of those other posts find a puppy from a breeder? We are searching too. If so can you contact me at jtuthill99@hotmail.com

    Thank you- Jenny

    1. Jenny, we are looking, too, in Kaneohe, Hi but it is now Nov 2016 ! Any leads for GSP in Hawaii ?? Many Mahalos. Skip

  5. Our Missy has been in Doggie Heaven for 3+ years and we are ready for another dog!



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