Tuesday, February 7

Craft Room

Here are a few pics of my amazing craft room.  I love the organization, comfy space, and creative possibilities.  This room is an awesome step in the right direction.

I made this pennant banner that says : creative space on it to inspire me and remind me what this room can do!

This was taken during the beginning stages of organization.  I love having everything in one place where I can see it.  My fabrics are slowly taking up more and more space.  Love seeing that out of the box!  My yarn is in those two big white boxes on top of the shelving.  I love that because I can pull them down, take a look around, and then slide them back on top of the shelves.  No mess, lots of space.

I got this super comfy couch so my husband could keep me company while I sew.  It doubles as a laundry folding area...  I mean... 

This little gem keeps me sewing hassle free. I got it about 4 months ago and I have no complaints.  Ooo, ok maybe one.  I can't jam 4 layers of wool under the foot.  :)

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