Sunday, August 14

Rice Krispie Treat Fruit Sushi

I love rice krispie treats.  I love fresh fruit.  Oh, and I love making cute bite size treats for summer!  What better way to wow your friends than with these super easy Rice Krispie Treat SUSHI?

STEP 1: Make rice krispie treats

(directions and ingredients taken from kellogs rice krispie treat site.)

Put your rice krispie treats in a half sheet pan lined with parchment paper, or a square container, as noted above.

When treats have hardened, cut them into bite size squares or roll them into nigiri sushi pieces.

Then slice any seasonal fresh fruit you have on hand and place on top of rice krispie treats, as in above photo.  If you would like to glaze them so they are shiny, you can mix apricot preserves with water and boil it.  When it has boiled and still hot, you can brush the glaze on the fruit to add a nice shine.  The fruit above has been glazed.  It adds a more finished touch and helps keep the fruit from browning.

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