Tuesday, February 22

Rock Climbing at Makapu'u

A few weeks ago I tackled rock climbing at Makapu'u with a few friends.  We started in the afternoon and climbed for a few hours until we had all done each route.  It was pretty awesome with the Windward Side as our background, whales in sight, and the sunny skies of Hawaii.  To get there, we parked in the lookout lot and took a short path up the hill to this 40 foot rock wall.  The hooks are already in the wall but be sure to always double check the holds.  This wall requires harnesses, ropes, and a partner: so please go prepared.  Safety is the most important part of outdoor climbing and though we look like all fun and games, we did have someone there who had safety in mind.

Taking the first leap is always the hardest.  Go Mills!

Wait, is that a mountain goat??

Safety first Maddy Long Legs. Thank you for taking us!

Note: I am only about 6 inches off the ground but this picture is pretty awesome...  

Ok.  This part was a challenge.  But very fun and came together like a puzzle.  How can I split my body to scale this wall?

I made it!

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