Saturday, November 6

Giveaway! My 200th Post Celebration!

I can't believe my little blog has reached 200 posts!  I saw that this morning when I went to post and I thought, I need to celebrate!  So in the spirit of blogging and early Christmas presents (which I love), I am doing a giveaway!  On to the prizes!

Did I mention I love choices??

I did say I love choices!

How do I win? (I thought you'd never ask!)
There are a few ways to enter, do one or do them all! Post your entries as comments on my blog under this post.  Easy breezy!

1. Check out my etsy site and tell me what you love 
2. Twitter this giveaway (leave me a link)
3. Blog this giveaway on your blog (leave me a link)
4. Post this giveaway on your facebook page (leave me a link)
5. Purchase an item from my etsy shop.
6. Follow my blog

(You can enter 6 times, and with any purchase you get 2 entries.)
Make sure you tell me what you would like to win!  
You do have a few big decisions to make as you have 3 choices!

When: Starting now!  So enter already!  The giveaway ends November 28th at 12 midnight Hawaii Time.
The winner will be randomly selected using (no cheating, I swear)

Make sure you leave your e-mail so I can contact you if you win, and check back to see the results on November 21st.  Good Luck and Happy Early Christmas!


  1. Oh my, I'd love to win the crystal drop earrings above! or any of the beautiful things I saw at your booth today. Your booth was definitely the cutest little boutique of them all:) I'll definitely be back on your blog often & keeping up on your etsy store. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Love, Julie Moss

  2. shell bobbies, cute craft hobbies, i could wear 'em to work or to lounge in hotel lobbies, or to eat corn on the cobbies, or use as a secret weapon against mafia mobbies... the list goes on, congrats on an always exciting officially successful blog. yay katie!

  3. Hi Katie,
    I would like to win the crystal teardrop earrings and Sophia would like to win pink and blue ones. I also love the recipes you've got posted. Linda



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