Sunday, August 8

Nene Goose

We got lucky and got to see lots of Nene in Kauai.  I took these photos in Princeville. Enjoy!

Check out these Nene Geese defending their area!  Necks out and down they are ready to fight.  Funny enough, if you get closer, they will turn and run.  Or maybe attack, you never know!!  

These two look like they have a lot to talk about.  Whoa.  Chill out Mama goose!

Just hanging out.  They are so beautiful.  These shots were taken in Kauai off the back of our condo.  The condo overlooked the ocean from a cliff and the nene's just hung out in the huge lawn.

To learn more about the nene, go to the honolulu zoo webpage by clicking on the link.  You can even listen to them making noise!  Like the one in the photo above.  Lots of great info and more photos at

This one was coming after my mom and her banana.  Me: looking at mom eating her banana totally unaware.
Mom:" Look at the geese!" Me: "Mom, it is coming after you." Mom: "What?? Oh, that one!"  :)  There were so many it was distracting.  

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