Sunday, July 11

Vacation to... the North Shore!

This past weekend my parents treated my boyfriend and I to a trip to the North Shore.  We rented a house in the middle of Hale'iwa and just soaked up the tourist atmosphere.  We went shopping, snorkeling, swimming, and watched some beautiful sunsets, not to mention all the food we ate!  In honor of such a fun trip, this week, my blog is going to be full of posts about the North Shore and our lovely weekend.  To kick off the week, here are some snapshots of our stunning sunset our first night in Hale'iwa.

Totally enjoying my first night away from home.

These little girls were too much!  The one on the far left kept saying, "You are my BFFF" to the girl in the pink.  They were definitely adorable and entertaining.  Running up and down the beach in their own little world...  To be 5 again.

The paddlers were paddling out and back in, out and back in and their coach was in the one man beside them.  The shape of the boats and the paddlers was so peaceful and yet inspiring with the sun setting in the background.

The rippling waves...

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