Tuesday, July 13

Luibueno's in Hale'iwa Hawaii

Keeping with the theme of the North Shore, I thought I would share with everyone the wonderful food that we had at Luibueno's in Hale'iwa Hawaii.  Located across from Pizza Bob's where the old Rosie's Cantina used to be, Luibueno's is classy, refined, and delicious.  The service was excellent and the bartender had a heavy hand, but the highlight was definitely the food.

An incredibly flavorful vegetarian paella.  Buttery, yet crunchy vegetables over rich Spanish rice.

The "seafood soup" for lack of the actual name... My parents loved it.

Classic Margarita, on the rocks with salt. Strong and not too much sweet and sour, just how I like it.

Someone liked the special!  Ono with a Manchego Cheese and Chipotle cream sauce.  YUMMY.

Luibueno's :
66-165 Kamehameha Hwy.
Hale'iwa, HI 96712

Open:  11-10:30 daily, lunch 11-3, bueno hour 3-5, late night 9:30-10:30

Click Map to see Location

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