Monday, June 14

Get Him to the Greek

I haven't been to many movies lately, but tonight I went to see Get Him to the Greek.  I went in with mediocre expectations and was pleasantly surprised.  I laughed out loud for most of the movie.  As much as I hated the character of Aldous Snow when I began watching the movie, by the end, I was swayed to middle ground.

Jonah Hill plays Aaron, who is in charge of getting the rock star, Aldous Snow, to a concert at The Greek.  They party, get pretty wild, and live like rock stars.  Jonah Hill is pretty hilarious and versatile in the movie, which is nice to see from comedic actors.

Witty, funny, and laugh out loud silly.  Ranging from Aldous Snow and Jonah Hill involved in a three-some, P.Diddy getting CRAZY, and a heart to heart among a young couple.  This film covers all the bases.

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