Friday, June 11

Contemplating Veils and Hair Pieces...

Today I am contemplating veils and head pieces...  To wear or not to wear??  I love the fun little bird cage veils with bright red lipstick, or the feathery floral pieces for a softer look.  (I can't wear red lipstick without looking 8, so no problem there...)
I love these cute little veils, and they are such a great price.
When I stumbled across these, I really fell in love.  Sakura blossoms and pink and white... So feminine and elegant.  I think I am going to go for fresh flowers, but this would look great on a bag or SOMEWHERE... I love it!
Fun and wild!  This would make a statement!  hmmm.... maybe a little over the top for me.  This site has some fabulous simple white birdcage veils though.

Classic, elegant, and simple.  These veils and stunning.

So to veil or not to veil?  I guess that is something I have a while to decide... I am leaning towards something small if at all.  Fresh flowers, and color!  Who knows, I think I change my mind 3 times a day.  (Just ask my boyfriend!)  He is going crazy...  :)

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