Tuesday, April 13

CAKE... the band

Cake: insanely entertaining, fabulously fun to dance to... oh and I went to see them!  They played at Pipeline Cafe in Honolulu and rocked the place out.  They gave away a tree too!  How cool.. 
Don't know Cake?  Well, besides you being crazy, you are missing out!  Check out the link below to hear some of their stuff...

Best known for this 1996 album: Fashion Nugget

These guys are so much fun to watch perform... There is a lot going on up on stage during the whole show.

A spread of their album covers.

I had so much fun and am so stoked that I got to see them.  If they come to your town, make sure you make it to see them!  If you are lucky you might get their free tree that they give out at every concert...

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