Friday, February 26

Softie Book Review

Invasion of the Plush Monsters:
This book is great if you need inspiration for faces, shapes, and really unique patterns.  There are patterns for slippers, cell phone cozies, a seriously amazing hat, and tons of other cute toys.  I used this book most for inspiration and ideas for shapes and face designs.  I would totally recommend this book for your plush library because of the variations of plush items that are included.

Cute Dolls:
If you have ever read any of these books by Aronzo Aranzi, this one is pretty much the same.  It has great pictures, amazingly detailed patterns, and easy to follow instructions.  This is a great book for first time softie makers and people who want to make dolls for infants/children as well.  Out of all the books I have looked through and used, this one has the best patterns.  They are easy to follow and are well labeled and organized.  If you have no clue where to start, start here, with this book.  You can't go wrong. 

Fun Dolls:
Fun Dolls is just that, a book of fun dolls.  Again, the patterns are fantastic, but between the two books, cute dolls is much better.  The patterns aren't as cute and there are a lot more "teddy" type toys.  (like the ones on the cover)  This would be a good book to purchase if you are making lots of toys for infants though as all of the parts are felt/material. 

Plush-o-rama is a great book for ideas and inspiration.  The patterns are not nearly as detailed, but they are workable.  I use this book when I get stuck and need help for shapes, mouths, or sizes.  This book is a great addition to any plush library for the pictures in the back of the book.  There are tons of pictures from the artists that contribute to the book/patterns and they share a lot fo awesome softies! 

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