Tuesday, January 26

My Mom's Creations

First off, I have to say my mom has some serious talent.  She can sew pretty much anything, very nicely, from a pattern.  She does loads of other crafts too, but sewing is by far her strong point.  She has made amazing quilts and loads of other fabulous sewn items. This Christmas, she started making bags.  They turned out amazingly well, and I even got one!  Mine is by far the best (I know I am a little biased...), it is all retro and moped.  :)  Look out etsy and blogger, I think a new shop is on the way.

my retro bag, very well done...

her first bag this year, a gift for a friend
What do you think?  I think she needs an etsy store and a blog to share her fabulous work!

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