Tuesday, January 19

Kill Taupe

One of my favorite etsy shops/designers is http://www.killtaupe.etsy.com/.  You can also check out his original blog at http://www.killtaupe.blogspot.com/.  I went to his blog today and read that he will be doing a daily drawing this year!  What a treat.  I am so excited to see all the amazing and funny critters that he creates.  I also checked his etsy site and found some stellar new magnets!  I am trying to decide which one to get...  I like them all!  I really do... 
He also has a really great gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/killtaupe/sets/%20Here  If you like these, go check it out and find some of your own images to giggle at.  Here are some of my favorites from his shop right now.

You can purchase all of these items right now at his etsy shop.  What are you waiting for??

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