Saturday, December 26

A Handmade Christmas

This Christmas I wanted to make as many handmade gifts as possible.  I usually make a lot of handmade gifts, but this year I had certain things in mind for almost everyone!  Here are a few of the items that were gifted this year...  I am going to start on next year's gifts already so I don't end up rushing or being late like a few of the items this year!  I know I am not the only one who feels the days flying by when Christmas is around the corner.  I love giving gifts that are made by hand though, hopefully everyone will enjoy them.

A stamped keychain for my boyfriend's sister in law that has their names and their keiki's name.

A handmade felt ornament for my boyfriend's parents.  ALOHAAAA!

Hand knit bag for Ryan with a needle felt mushroom

 A hand sewn pouch for my brother to go inside the knit bag

A quilted/padded case for the "kindle" for my brother Zach

Hand knit mittens out of 100% wool for my boyfriend's mom

Chocolate covered mac-nuts for the FAM

Handmade caramels to share

Octopus necklace from Cody to my mom-(he picked out the pieces and I put it all together)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone enjoyed their gifts and their holiday!

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