Friday, December 4

Gal's Gift Guide

Are you shopping around but can't find that one item you know will brighten your gal pal's day?  Look no further!  Check out all of these awesome finds on etsy!  The top left corner is a beautiful set of hairpins, perfect for a secret santa gift or a stocking stuffer.  These can be found at  I love these super practical, yet stylish pot holders from  She has all kinds of other cool handmade items, so check her out.  Do you know someone who loves unique pottery and vases?  Check out  And these super fabulous obi sashes from, they also sell cool tees and clothing too!  Everyone knows candles are perfect for gift giving, so check out  Have you been searching for a personalized gift for a co-worker or friend?  Go to to shop for these super cute ornaments for the holidays.  For super affordable accessories for the home has everything you could ever want in recycled glass wares.  Last but not least, I am really into the wall art deco stickers that are becoming ever so popular.  They are perfect for city dwellers and homeowners who don't want to put holes in their walls, or want a quick and fabulous decoration.  These photo frames stick onto your walls and make for quick decoration!  Get 'em at

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