Friday, November 20

Tatse of the Bayou

I went to Taste of the Bayou last night for dinner on Kapahulu Ave. They serve a traditional menu of Cajun classics. If you aren’t familiar with Cajun style cooking, don’t worry, on the back of the menu they have a list of words you may not know. Like andouille sausage, hushpuppies, jambalaya, gumbo, or etouffee. If you have questions, just ask, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. You can’t go wrong with Jambalaya and a side of hushpuppies though if you are afraid to venture into the unknown. One of the coolest parts of the restaurant is the scenic paintings on the walls that set a background of the South. A swamp with reeds, alligator, and raccoons lines one wall; while the other is filled with a banjo band on a stage with dancers in the grass. It really adds to the atmosphere.

My boyfriend and I split the "A Taste of the Bayou" sampler. It came with Jambalaya, Gumbo, and Red Beans and Rice. I am not a huge fan of gumbo, so I won't even tell you what I thought since I barely ate that, but the Jambalaya was insanely yummy. Just the right amount of spice (I ordered it medium) and the chunks of chicken, ham, bacon and tomato flavor were awesome. The red beans and rice were really good too. The beans were flavored with andouille sausage and bacon so they had a really meaty flavor, which added to the beans mixed in with the rice. I also ordered the sweet potato fries... They were by far my favorite thing! They came with a honey mustard dipping sauce that made them hard to put down. I ate the whole order all by myself! For $3.50, they offered value and quality. I would definitely recommend the Jambalaya. My boyfriend also ordered hushpuppies, which were just as expected. Crispy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside.

Go early, or make reservations, because this place fills up fast! Call 732-2229 for reservations and take out orders.

*Entrees range from @10-$15 on average at dinner, lunch prices are less. Sides are around $3-$5. Each meal comes with a moist cornbread muffin to “start.”

Website: Check it out for a list of their menu items, information on their hours, prices, and press coverage. Their hours are kind of hard to remember, so make sure you call before showing up on a Monday afternoon for lunch when they are closed!

*Senior Night on Thursday night! 60 years and older get 10% off the entire bill.
*BYOB with a $5 corkage fee.
Located at 740 Kapahulu Avenue in Honolulu. Phone: 732-2229
Hours: Closed-Sunday/Monday all day
           Open-Tuesday-Saturday 5:30-9:00 (dinner)
           Open-Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 11-1:30 (lunch)

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