Friday, October 16

A visit to Ala Moana

I went to Ala Moana today to go to the new Victoria's Secret store.  There has been a line, literally, out the door to get in since it has opened.  Today was the first day I attempted to go when there wasn't a line.  It is HUGE!  I would say it has to be one of their largest stores.  It has a huge section just for their pink line, they have clothes, swim suits, all their VS lines, and all of the lotions, scents, etc.  It is like walking into the catalog, minus the shoes.  Wow.  Impressive.  Of course nothing was on sale yet, so I just picked up some of my regular stuff and looked at everything else.
Here is a picture of the pink entrance, there is another entrance for the regular VS stuff.  WOW again, HUGE!

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