Friday, October 9

Bird nerds etsy shop

Do you like birds? Even a little? You will totally love birdnerds etsy shop. She has awesome collages of all kinds of stellar birds. The way she puts it all together really creates a personality and beauty to all of her birds.  If you aren't in need of wall art, she also has tea towels, pins, magnets, pendants-you name it!  Don't worry, her shop fits all price ranges too-it starts at $1.50 for a button, just $10 for a 5 X 7 print, or you can spend around $100 for her original artwork. You can check out her website at  or check out her etsy shop at  She was also a featured seller on etsy so if you really fall in love and want to read more... here is yet another link.

My favorite items are her smaller pins, I put them on my felted bags and other knitted items to spice it up a little.  I also love her linocuts and I think my favorite bird is the cardinal.  Of course you can decide for yourself, but it always wins me over.

Here is a note from her etsy homepage::
Our Feathered Friends are in danger! If you would like to learn more about our diminishing birds please copy and paste this link to Audubon and sign this petition:

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