Wednesday, September 16


Oh Wednesday...  I had a fabulous day starting with the best avocado maki in town at Aloha Sushi on Monsarrat.  The avocado is always soft and creamy and the rice warm and squishy.  :)  Check out other sushi spots at and decide for yourself.  (I have never had better avocado than at Aloha Sushi on Monsarrat though...)

Then I mailed an etsy sale, posted some new pics, and went to the local craft store.  I am starting a new market bag with some brown acrylic yarn, I'll post pics when finished...

PSSST...  I am offering a free shipping sale in my etsy shop on your next purchase by mentioning that you saw it on my blog or my facebook account for the month of September.  Limited to one purchase per customer.  Happy shopping!  Remember, Christmas is only a few months away...

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