Sunday, September 27

an old find re-visited

I was browsing the internet today and stumbled upon a shop I used to look at all the time, but lost track of.  They have some really cool new products!  Check out this bag called -HOOT THE OWL BAG.  :)  Super cute and totally functional!
If you already have millions of bags like me, don't worry, they have fabulous tank tops, pins, and stuff for baby! 
Check it out at

They also have super cute doodles like the one in the bottom corner of this blog that you can use for your desktop background.  Check them out for great inspiration, gifts, and artistic entertainment. 

Here is a little about the artist straight from an interview on her site:

THE PRODUCTS: I make only what I like! We are the anti-orthodoxy of all big brands, slick shiny leather bags and all things flashy. Everything is produced only in very limited numbers, with many one-of-a-kind creations, all made with lots of love and sweatshop-labor free. I strongly believe in good quality and usable handmade goods and crafts, and am annoyed when people associate handmade only with flimsy arty impractical items that will not last. I love using vintage/ out-of-production fabrics and supplies, and adore playing with various combinations, even if it means using a different button to make each piece unique. I believe the world would be much more beautiful if everyone had something unique

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